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How to speed up for libiio with matlab code ?

Question asked by Meow on Sep 14, 2016
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The platform of SDR is zedboard + AD9361


I fellow this page :IIO System Object [Analog Devices Wiki] to use the IIO System Object , and it works.


than I execute the Data Streaming Example in MATLAB (from AD Wiki page) and Data Streaming Example in Simulink


Although the hardware trans speed of received signal in Simulink looks normal , the speed in matlab code is very slow.


These videos can explain what I mean :


SDR zedboard AD9361 in Simulink test - YouTube 


SDR zedboard AD9361 in Matlab test_1 - YouTube 


SDR zedboard AD9361 in Matlab test_2 - YouTube 


These video doesn't speed up or down , It's in real time.


The parameters of SDR hardware (such as sampling frequency ... ) are the same in both Matlab and Simulink.


In the third video , there is another problem . It must use pause command to plot the Constellation Diagram after stepImpl function.


Without pause , It can't plot any figure after stepImpl function has done.


What is the solution and how to use stepImpl function ?


 I prefer Matlab to Simulink.


Thanks !