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hostapp_cces.exe does not work for image processing example colorconv(609) and contours(609)

Question asked by chang123 on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by Sudheer


I follow the document Image_Tool_Box_UserGuide_Rel2.4.0.pdf to create example application colorconv(609) on CCES. The hardware setup are as the document required.

(1) build and run the application

(2) on windows cmd, change to the utils directory, and execute

      hostapp_cces -a

the output is:

    Total 1 Blackfin USB Device found

    Device 0: WINUSB Blackfin USB Device.

(3) when execute hostapp_cces.exe -u,

the output is:

    <HOST> Start servicing USBIO

Unsupported command received for USBIO.


and then the hostapp_cces.exe abort. see attached hostapp_cces_1.PNG for detailed.

There are nothing in the output folder Media\IPTBX\output


The environment are: Windows 7, CCES


I try to do some debug and find the above problem may cause by the function "printf", and then comment all printf in the application example. An exception occur in hostapp_cces.exe and it will abort. see attached fclose.png.