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ADuC7126 External Clock Source Pin for Timer 1 conflicting info in Datasheet.

Question asked by KelvinJ on Sep 13, 2016
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Good Morning,


I am re-posting because I did not get an answer.


I am planning to use Timer 1 as a counter of a pulse train from an external pin. However, I have reviewed your Datasheet and I am bewildered as to which pin I should use for the input. There are three conflicting references in the Datasheet as to which pin should be as the input clock pin for Timer 1. Here is link to a PDF showing a few clips from your Datasheet which highlights the conflicts:


ADuC7126 Clock Source from External Pin P0.1, P1.0 or P1.1?


From the data sheet reference to the external clock source is made in three areas:

1) Timer1 (General-Purpose Timer) errata............. The clock source can be....., the core clock, or P1.1

2) Table 142 - T1CON - Clock select - bits [11:9] - 011 - P1.0 rising edge triggered. {No reference to other pins.)

3) Figure 8. ADuC7126 Pin Configuration - Shows T1 both at P0.6 (pin 27) and P1.0 (pin63


I believe the only pin available which can be used as the clock input to the Timer 1 counter is P1.0.


Can someone please confirm:


  1. A) P1.0 is the ONLYpin available to use as the clock input to the Timer 1 counter.
  2. B) P0.6 and P1.1 are merely typos and CANNOT be used as the clock source.


Thanking you for your assistance in advance,


ADuC7126# External Clock Source Pin for Timer 1