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Regarding BF527 internal USB OTG powering down

Question asked by svsk on Aug 16, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2011 by matchaze

We are using BF527 internal USB OTG in host mode.


For sometime, we make the processor to go to SLEEP mode.

During this time, it is observed that USB DP and USB DM lines are  at 1.6V level.

But as per our requirement we need to cut down these lines also during SLEEP mode.


Also, We observed that  because of always available  VDD_USB  these lines are powered up.  If VDD_USB is removed, then USB DP and USB DM are at 0 V.


We would like to clarify ,


1. Will Blackfin allow such kind of dynamic controlling  of VDD_USB power rail?

2.  Else is there any way to cut DP and DM lines down through some register settings ?