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AD7147: Use as hollow/depth sensor

Question asked by relliMmoT on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by Maurice

I'm working with the AD7147 CapTouch sensor currently, in the Evaluation Software. My goal is to design a sensor that can sense through ~7mm of acrylic, to on the other side where there will or will not be a 2" foam block. This is for an autonomous robot. I need to tell if there is or is not a block, in order to map a simulated "cave".


I had some success doing this with a normal stud finder, then some success using a stud finder that uses the AD7147 (Prosensor 710). This served as my inspiration for using the AD7147. However, I'm having some trouble doing what they did. The owner of the stud finder company suggests I start with one senor and one channel because using all 13 channels like he did ended up being a lot of R&D for him. Am I using the wrong chip for the job? Suggestions?