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Question about GUI for HMC6000/6001 Eva. kit

Question asked by AkiraO on Sep 11, 2016
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Our customer is using Evaluation Kit of HMC6000 and HMC6001, and he has some questions about the GUI.


(1) Is "BB LF Corner" control on the GUI for HMC6001 corresponding to ROW3<4:5>? If yes, the GUI doesn't match to datasheet. Which is correct? If no, what function is "BB LF Corner" for?




(2)Could you please advise me about a function of "VCO Amp Bias" on the GUI for HMC6000? Or which ROW is corresponding to "VCO Amp Bias"?  And the customer would like to adjust VCO for improving the phase noise. How should we do for improving the phase noise?


(3)The customer has beed testing of this Eva. kit by MSC-10 (SC 16QAM). However the EVM was 13.413%. What should we check for improving the EVM?


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