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Multichannel streaming

Question asked by zutta1 on Sep 11, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by larsc


based on the fmcomms1 with zed board reference design i would add 6 ddcs with ofdm demodulators (existing already) in the PL and transfer the data to linux, the same on tx side (linux>PL>OFDM Modulator>DUC>DAC). Each demodulator delivers bursts with 3072Bytes every 1.25ms (2.4MB/s), the Modulators getting bursts with 3072Bits every 1.25ms (307KB/s).


What is a good starting point to implement the data transfer from the PL to the linux? Could i add a fifo per demodulator/modulator and then use several libiio clients each outputs/getting the data to/from a pipe and how would i connect these to the dma controller? Does it make sense to use libiio and the hdl reference design for that, or should i start from scratch?