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How to configure ADC in No-OS Driver of AD9361

Question asked by Quang_Hieu on Sep 10, 2016
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Hi all,

    I'm studying about Zedboard and No-OS Driver of ADFMCOMSS2-EBZ along with Zedboard. I have some problem which I can not resolve:

1. I want to configure ADC IP before transmitting data because I want ADC will ready to receive the first data, the reference code has a 1000 delay after configuring DAC to capture ADC, so when I use capture.batch file the first data which I want to locate at the first cell is not there.  I try to modify the adc_capture command, In the new adc_capture command, I configure ADC, then I use dac_init command before the first loop do while but the result is not my desire.

2. I also study about HDL reference design and I have some question:

    - On the receive path, between IP pack and adc_dma, how to know IP adc_dma start operating because IP adc_dma does not have feedback signal to IP pack.

    - Can the FIFO size of ADC_DMA extend ?

    -  When ADC_DMA IP receive data if IP pack has data already, may be the valid signal is high on one cycle? If             ADC_DMA IP does not configure and the valid signal from PACK IP is high then what will happen ?

   Thank you for helping me.