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ADE7953 SPI always answers same value

Question asked by wwseb on Sep 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2016 by wwseb

Hello all,


I connected an ADE7953 to a STM32 microcontroller. I am facing a very strange behavior. I request register value for several registers, and ADE7953 always reply with the same value (value of the first register asked).


In more detail:

  • I request the AP_NOLOAD register, which has a specific default value (= 0x00E419). 
  • I correctly have this answer on the STM side.
  • BUT, from this point, ADE will always reply with 0x00E419 for every request, whatever is the register
  • I checked with a scope:
    • That bits are correct on the ADE_IN line (they change depending on the register requested)
    • That the bits on the ADE_OUT are 0x00E419 whatever the register requested

This confirms that there is no problem with the STM that is correctly managing the SPI.


Do you know why the ADE has this behavior? Is it damaged ? Is there an "ACK mecanism", waited by the ADE. If ACK is not received it will infinity retry to send the value initially requested (that match with the observed behavior).


Thank you for any help !