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Higher current DAC buffer

Question asked by HAW on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by HAW

I need an op amp with relatively high current capability (up to 30-40 mA) to be used as DAC buffer.Output voltage range:0-5V. I would like to avoid the need of negative supply voltage, so it must be be RRO and RRI to Vs-. In addition it must be either RRI to Vs+ or allow Vs+ >5V. For all practical purposes it is a DC application, so dynamic characteristics like bandwidth, slew rate etc do not matter. On the other hand it must be as low noise, and precise (low Vos) as possible.

I found ADA4897 to be the best match, but with so much models it is easy to miss something.Are there other alternatives that meet requirements?

Now, I also would like to know, what could I gain if I gave up RR requirements. So, are there alternatives, that are not RR, but otherwise offer significant advantages over ADA4897 (and possible alternatives to it)?


I also would like to ask questions specific to ADA4897.

How large are voltage swings to supply rails at 0, +-10, +-20, +-30, +-40 mA?

Is it possible to calculate power dissipation with known output voltage and current? How?