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Driver for ADV7179 with Hardware Frame Syncs

Question asked by Robert83 on Aug 15, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2011 by PaulS



i want to configure the internal Frame Sync generation for displaying PAL Video 720x576 with the commands:


adi_dev_Control(AD7179DriverHandle,ADI_ADV717x_CMD_SET_FRAME_SYNC_COUNT, (void*) ADI_ADV717x_FRAME_COUNT_2)

adi_dev_Control(AD7179DriverHandle,ADI_PPI_CMD_SET_TRANSFER_COUNT_REG, (void*) (1440 - 1)

adi_dev_Control(AD7179DriverHandle,ADI_ADV717x_CMD_SET_TIMER_FRAME_SYNC_1,(void*) &Hsync)

adi_dev_Control(AD7179DriverHandle,ADI_ADV717x_CMD_SET_TIMER_FRAME_SYNC_2,(void*) &Vsync)


Which values are correct for Hsync.width ,Hsync.period, Vsync.width, Vsync.period.

I could not find the timing data in the ADV717x datasheet.


Thank you