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Quickest way to fix "Build being ghosted out"

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Sep 9, 2016
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This is a problem that I think CrossCore inherits from Eclipse and CrossCore 2.3.0 seems to have a very bad case of it


I am using CrossCore 2.3.0 -- which is essentially Eclipse Mars + ADI plugin -- working with BF533, 21469 and Sc589 with project ion emulator and simulator mode

Also using Eclipse Mars + IAR plugin on Cortex2, Cortex4 and wondering whether it might be an alternative to CrossCore gcc ARM when working with SC589 Cortex 7 (But I have not got far on that issue)


Problem is

We have several projects open -- e.g. Library I am building and a Demo that uses the library



I change to Library -- rebuild the project

Change to Demo -- Have to clean the project as I can find no way to get project to recognize library has changes. (You can't use a prebuild command as that does not happen unless CCES recognizes the project has changed -- thats another another story)


Real problem -- About 1 time in 3 -- when I switch back and forth between projects, or make changes within a project,  the Build command get greyed out.


Anybody got a quick recovery fix to get Build back -- Here is what I try

1) Clicking on another part of the project back to Build works about 1 time in 10

2) Cleaning or Closing then reopening the project works more often

3) Sometime F7 works to rebuild after Build greyed out

4) Restarting CrossCore



Mike Smith