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ADG2128 - supply down to 5V possible?

Question asked by wissenwasserj on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by mayp

We do currently have a development which utilizes the switch array ADG2128. Unfortunatley there is no information about the minimum VDD supply with VSS=GND.


If I take a look at Fig 4 it seems that only the difference between supply and source voltage is of importance (only NMOS-switches?)


High on-resistances are not that crictical because the signal is forwared to an Differential OpAmp stage with >10Meg input impedance.


For my work it is only of interest if the switching matrix works at 5V and does not have any shortcut-like or other undefined behaviour. So let's assume the following: I have VSS=0, VDD=5V and source-voltage is 1.5V. Then the on-resistance should be about 60 Ohms, right?