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ADV7611 Register setting .

Question asked by wallman16 on Aug 14, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2011 by vito

Hi ,


Referencing to ADV7611_Hardware_Users_Guide_Rev0.pdf , i have few questions ,

Page 17

Can we use the setting of register DR_STR[1:0] and DR_STR_CLK[1:0] to 00 which is Reserved .

The resason for this questions is at our end we have a board where we thing setting this 2 register to 0 seems like LOW (1x) and find the on running with this setting we see that the signal quality is very good.


If possible we woulike to go with 00 setting , and also please let me know if we set these 2 register to 00 do we have any problem .

If there is no problem then we would like to go ahead with these settings .



Thanking you

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