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Can any provide some advice regarding the setup of the ADC on an ADuC7126.

Question asked by KelvinJ on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by ABuda

Good Morning,


I am attempting to setup read a number ADC channels periodically initiated by Timer 0 interrupt of a ADuC7126.


My Timer 0 interrupt is setup and the ADC conversion complete interrupt is also setup. However I would like to know:


1) The Sequencing of configuring the ADC registers (REFCON, ADCCON & ADCCP {single ended})

initialized to:

REFCON = 0x0

ADCCON = 0x3723

ADCCP = 0x9

Not sure if I used Timer0 to trigger the conversion would the addressing in ADCCP regi

2) Reading the data once a conversion is complete {ADC interrupt} (uint16_t) (ADCDAT >>16).

3) Does the ADC engine auto sequence or do I have to manually increment address in ADCCP register and re-trigger another conversion start ADCCON.


Any support in regards to the sequencing setup and reading data then retrigguring would be helpful.