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configuring EZKIT sc584 for 12 analog outputs using TDM16

Question asked by imu on Sep 8, 2016
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I would like to configure the sc584 for 12 analog outputs i.e. the RCA port connected adau1979 (default as inputs) should now used as outputs. My goal is to receive 4 analog inputs from adau1977 and copy them to all 12 outputs of adau1962a.

So, far I have configured adau1977 in TDM4 mode and can receive four  signals from it and copy them to 8 RCA DAC outputs (J11), where in adau1962a is configured in TDM16 mode.

I have also set the U47 PORTB  as  { 0x13u, 0x8Au } whereby [0x8A -> AUDIO_JACK is set to output + ADAU1979 is disabled!] via SoftConfig.


With all this done, I can measure only 8 analog signals (at J11) correctly routed from adau1977.


But on J3 port, I do not measure any signal on any of the 4 RCA connectors.


What else do I need to configure to get 4 outputs at port J3 of SC584 EZ KIT?

(PS: Attached is the code snippet used to initialize adau1962a)

Please help.