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Two ADAU1761 in one project, how to code and compile in C?

Question asked by Dany on Aug 14, 2011
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I have one project containing two ADAU1761; when I generate *.h header files from SigmaStudio, I get one set for IC1 and one set for IC2.


It goes in a much larger C-project with the main calling about 20 modules.


How would you code this:


- In one C-language program, as the symbols have the same name in the two sets of *.h files ?

- With two modules, called from main, I am afraid the the linker would claim errors with duplicate symbols.


I already checked :

Project ADAU1761_Demo

...which gave me a HW schematic with two such chips


and the discussion

"Using two SigmaDSP evaluation boards simultaneously with one USBi board"



and the excellent PDF" SigmaStudio Basic uC Integration Tutorial"


...but none of these suggest how to steer the two chips in C-code.


Have an idea or example?