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AD9371 Max. I/Q Sample Rate?

Question asked by ufktmr on Sep 8, 2016
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I am a little bit confused about what is the maximum sample rate that AD9371 can provide when both channels are enabled. In the user guide, the formula is given for JESD204B interface as,


Lane Rate = I&Q Sample Rate × M × 16 bits ×10/8÷ L


When I calculate above parameters to get max I&Q sample rate, I found that I can get (or transmit) I&Q samples at the rate of 307.2MSPS from both channels (RX or TX). My configuration is,


Lane Rate = 6144 Mbps

M = 4

L  = 4


Is this calculation is right ? If  not, what is the maximum I&Q sample rates when both channels are enabled?


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