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AD7193 Single Conversion Mode with multiple channels enabled

Question asked by AnneM Employee on Sep 7, 2016
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I am working to interface with the AD7193, and I'm trying to understand the command sequence/timing required to read conversion data with multiple channels enabled, using Single Conversion Mode.


To start, I set the following registers:

Mode (Reg 01) = 0x180060 (enable DAT_STA to append Status register to data read)

Conf (Reg 02) = 0x000310 (enable CH1 and CH0, and set PGA gain to 1)


Then, I switch to Single Conversion Mode (Mode Reg = 0x380060), and while keeping CS low, issue 0x58 command, and read back data successfully on CH0.


What I can't figure out is, what do I do to then read back from CH1?  Everything seems to match up with timing diagram (Fig 25, Pg 35 of datasheet), but I'm not sure how to modify the given timing diagram for multiple channels.


I've attempted a few things without any luck.  Suggestions?