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ADAU1451 under fully output loaing in use SPDIF Tx output and 4 port I2S simultaneoutly

Question asked by Sam.S on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by mmmike

Dear Sir,


Our customer have an application that is stereo input signal, and processed separate 5 different frequency range signal data output individually L/R signal through DSP core, so they totally need 5 I2S output port.


But ADAU145x just have 4 output port, so I suggest our customer RD that they can use 4 output port for 4 I2S signal, and another one I2S signal can transfer SPDIF signal through SPDIF Tx. 


But I am not sure it is can output simultaneously or not (I2S+SPDIF Tx output at the same time), or if it have other using limit (or condition) for this situation.


Would you please provide your advise for this?


Thank you very much!