HMC6300,6301 gerber files

Discussion created by yckim on Sep 6, 2016


Im working RF system engineer in 802.11 ad project.

I want EK1HMC6350, EV1HMC6301BG46, EV1HMC6300BG46 ALL PCB gerber files.


And I want to know one more. These RF frequency range is 57~64.

Id like to use for 57~66GHz RF system. Is it possible?

Because, 802.11 ad spec in EU and Japan is maximum up to 66GHz.

I have not tested these chips so I dont know yet.

If its impossible, how to solve it? Let me know what can I do as change LO or REF CLK.

I think it could have inner filter anyway.


So if someone got these information. Please let me know.

Im looking forward to reply or mail.


Thank you