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ADuC7061/2 ADC basics

Question asked by SteveTaylor on Aug 12, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2011 by MikeL

Some of this may have been covered in previous discussions; apologies if so. I am interested in using ADuC7061/2 in a medical instrumentation application (strain measurement; (gauge Z 1-5kOhms). I have several questions/comments re ADuC7061/2 ADCs, which I could not find answered in the datasheet:

1     Does the 7061 have both primary and auxiliary ADC, whereas the 7062 has only a primary ADC? The datasheet shows identical pinouts for both.

2     Are both primary and aux ADCs buffered (it seemed from a previous AD reply that both have a Zin of >90MOhms), but only the primary has PGA? The datasheet has similar leakage currents for all analog inputs. How does the Zin vary with PGA gain?

3     In the data sheet, ADC0 and ADC1 appear to refer to both input channels and the primary/aux ADC; this is confusing.

4     The DAC output provides a useful means of analog offsetting an input voltage, using a look up table for multichannel measurements.

5     Can both the primary and AUX ADC operate simultaneously?


Many thanks, Steve