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A very high DC signal found  when AD9361 external lo used

Question asked by kevin3283 on Sep 6, 2016

Hello ,

         When I use external LO for ad9361 by receiving , a very high DC Component is found in the receiving data port, and i can't get the correct signal wanted .

        The extern LO  frequency is 3.6GHz and the power is 2dBm.t When i test the port of RX , i found there is a signal of extern LO and power is  -53dBm,I think this is caused by bad isolation between Extern LO  port and Rx port . And when i change the RX AGC, the Ampitude of DC is changed too.

         So ,is the strong dc component is caused by the extern LO Leakage ?  And Can i Sovle the Porblem by DC calibration Funtion ?

         Is there  a requirement of isolation between extern LO  port and  RX port for ad9361 working well ?