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Usage of ACSNS pin on adp1046 LLC Half bridge resonant mode.

Question asked by RVolkov on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by sureshpower

We have delevoped an evaluation board based on ADP1046 Half bridge resonant mode LLC converter according to UG-768 Analog Devices EVB schematics but for application . same as stated at the UG-768 documentation we use PWM outputs for controlling the SR . And we use ADP1046ADC1-EVALZ  board to control the converter.

We have noted that if we connect ACSNS pin according to UG-768 (not connected ) the converter is not stable it skips frequencies and stop from time to time even when all flags are disabled. 

we tried to connect it according to Figure 19. Feedforward Configuration from adp1046 datasheet the controller seems to work stable but this connection is not recommended for our topology as stated at Figure 62. Resonant Synchronous Rectifier Control Circuit page 82 of adp1046 datasheet .

What is the correct usage and connection schematics and function of ACSNS in half bridge resonant mode.

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