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HMC439QS16GE and HMC3716LP4E input impedance

Question asked by anhchu on Sep 6, 2016
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Hi, in the datasheets of HMC439QS16GE and HMC3716LP4E the input impedance of REF and VCO ports are 50 Ohm differential (page 7 of HMC3716LP4E datasheet), while on this page it is written as 100 Ohm. Which value is correct?


 The page is: FAQ: HMC Phase Frequency Detectors  (Impedance. The HMC439QS16GE provides a 50 ohm single ended impedance and improved RL at the REF and VCO ports while the HMC3716LP4E utilizes a 100Ω impedance that provides a 12dBc/hz improvement in phase noise. )


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