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AD9361 Max Tx Power?

Question asked by lisely_lai on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by srimoyi


i am just testing the tx power of AD9361 with the FMCOMMS2 and Zedboard platform.

The Tx1A path is enabled and the Tx2A is disabled, the Tx Attenuation is 0 dB with reg 073 and 074 set zero, and BIST is used to generate a sine wave ,but i got the max tx power is just about -1.7dBm. The tx LO Frequency is 800MHz, and the reference max tx power shall be about 8dBm. 

 Below is the test result of PSD,

                                                     Picture1.  PSD of sine-wave

Can somebody give me some suggestions?

Thank you.