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AD7606 Input Range

Question asked by ricky on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by ricky

Hi All,

For my better understanding, please advise me on the following my question.

Data Sheet says that input range is +/- 5V or +/- 10V.

1) For this input range of +/- 5V, should I drive -5V to +5V range signal to V1 terminal? And should I connect the V1GND terminal to AGND?

2) Or, should I drive with bipolar -2.5V to +2.5V range signal to V1 terminal and V1GND terminal?

If the V1GND terminal should be connected to AGND, why clamp and diff-amp circuit is also provided to V1GND terminal?

3) For the +/- 5V range, Can I drive with 0V to +10V range signal to V1 terminal and +5V dc to V1GND terminal?


Thank you for your help,