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How to deal with the NVM and CST failure of ADXRS453?

Question asked by YangLiYing on Sep 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2016 by YangLiYing

I am trying to measure yaw angle by ADXRS453 but I had met few problem. 

1.I bought four chip to test and I found their output for about 100 300 and 900 when keeping static. Is the zero point of the gyroscope so different between each chip? It seems that it didn't match with what the datasheet mentioned in Figure 5(page 7) . 

2.It has a built-in temperature sensor for internal temperature compensation, but I found my zero output seems change too much in an hour . A picture have been attached to show this phenomenon , which shows that it change more during the period of start while the temperature is arising. However the TEMx always shows the temperature is 25 degree.

3.Although in a short period of time the zero point is still not stable which could find in the another picture. I read the FAULTx and the result is 2084, which means Fail(D11) NVM(D5) and CST(D2) are set. LOCSTx  reached about 8000. I don't know what is going wrong. Maybe there is some other detail I'm not aware of?


/* In each file ,the top picture is the raw data and the center picture is the zero point I calculated. In the two picture the x-axis is time (s). The bottom picture is the result of FFT and the x-axis is frequency (Hz). */