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Interface the ADV7280-M Analog camera input circuit with the i.MX6Q Development Board

Question asked by peter_project on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by Rob.Analog

Hi all,


I developed a decoder circuit with 2 analog CVBS inputs and MIPI output using ADV7280-M video decoder. Function is input 2 analog camera inputs to iMAX6 Quad Sabre Lite (  MIPI port. 


Pin Connection


Connection with 2 analog cameras

ADV7280M >> Pin23 - AIN4 to Camera1

ADV7280M >> Pin24 - AIN5 to Camera2


Connection With iMAX6

ADV7280M >> Pin10 - D0N to IMAX6 >> CSI_D0M

ADV7280M >> Pin09 - D0P to IMAX6 >> CSI_D0P

ADV7280M >> Pin12 - CLKN to IMAX6 >> CSI_CLK0M

ADV7280M >> Pin11 - CLKP to IMAX6 >> CSI_CLK0P

ADV7280M >> Pin30 - SDATA to IMAX6 >> I2C2_SDA

ADV7280M >> Pin31 - SCLK to IMAX6 >> I2C2_SCL


Can you guide me on how to program ADV7280M to interface 2 CVBS camera inputs with iMAX6 MIPI Interface ?


Thank You,