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Bpsk with 7012 or Equ

Question asked by geisemann on Sep 1, 2016
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We need to deign an Software Radio that we were awarded a contract to build,  1m units.  We have a very low data rate to only transmit a small data packet with gps information i.e. wildlife tracking on ISM platforms.  It’s BPSK but it needs to be able to do two modes 0-180 degrees and also 0-1.1 radians   ( cospas-sarsat) and ( ISM).


We know the previous supplier was using ADF7012 and I think they were accomplishing this by using some type of FSK with 100 bps with 50 HZ deviation setting.  So they turned the FSk into a BPSK . 


I was looking at your ADF4158 as well or similar products but need your assistance to select the correct low power device that could work and possibly on one chip or the least space as it’s a handheld application and these devices seem higher power.


The main problem with doing this on the 7012 chip is this is crystal based and it cannot handle the 360-420 range?


So we started to look at your other products and found the ADF4158, 4157, but didn’t know too much of what other support chips this would require and the type of software support it will require to produce the BPSK waveform, or possibly some typeof N base band modular with vco


Let me know what you find.  I appreciate your help.