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ADV7611 480p free-run resolution issue

Question asked by larsc Employee on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Rob.Analog



I have a ADV7611 and I'm testing the free-run mode feature. Free-run mode works fine for all supported resolutions that are listed in the ADV7611 support documents.


Except for 480p where the vertical active area is 483 lines instead of the expected 480 lines. The PRIM_MODE field is set to 0x5 and the VID_STD field is set to 0xa and V_FREQ is set to 0x0.


Are there any workarounds that could be applied to solve this issue, e.g. is it possible to manually overwrite the vertical active area instead of taking it from the builtin table?


This setup is using BT.656 embedded sync and the content of the extra 3 lines is the configured free run color.


- Lars