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AD9963 (M2K board) FPGA Reference Design

Question asked by skumaran Employee on Sep 1, 2016
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I am currently working on developing a sensor evaluation system using Zedboard FPGA and AD9963 FMC board.

We could boot-up Linux (from SD card with pre-loaded image) on Zedboard based on instructions available in Wiki page.


Since there is no FMCOMMS2 plugin support available for this board, we are finding it difficult to configurie and test the AD9963 board using IIO Oscilloscope application. 


Are there any FPGA based reference designs (to configure and communicate with AD9963 board) ? This would help us in understand and make further progress.  Our final plan is to connect sensor (analog) board to AD9963 FMC board and establish communication with FPGA (Zedboard).