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Co-design with Linux and FPGA

Question asked by anke.1 on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by larsc

I have ZC702 board with FMCOMMS3 daughter board. for my application, I want to use Linux environment given at the wiki site for FMCOMMS3 (link) together with the IP blocks via Vivado 2016.2 on FPGA part.


For a trivial starter program, I tried to design a LED blinking code on Verilog at Vivado and created a bin-file. After that, I try to change default bin-file by writing on terminal:

cat fpga.bin > /dev/xdevcfg


However, whenever it runs, only FPGA part is running but I cannot access Linux anymore. I wonder if there is a method so that I can use Linux and -let's say- blinking LED  on the board at the same time by my bit file from Vivado.


In addition, I will also want to store some information with the help of IP blocks in the FPGA part in order to use by Linux. Are there any tutorial about that?