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Clock inputs of AD9508: input sensitivity, input common-mode voltage

Question asked by xubing on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by pkern

Hi, everyone!


I'm confused of the clock inputs of AD9508. The figure below is from the datasheet of AD9508. I choose the differential mode. The input sensitivity is between 360 and 2200 mV p-p, and the common-mode voltage 1.05V.




The next figure is the my design of the input of AD9508. The OCXOUT is the output from an 10 MHz OCXO. The output of the OCXO is a squre wave with the amplitude of about 4.5 Vp-p. I use a balun EC1-1-13 to realise a single-ended to differential conversion. I'm not sure wheather the output of my OCXO is fine for AD9508.

The figure below is from the AD9508 Evaluation Board User Guide. And it suggests the amplitude setting of the clock input be 0 dBm to 6 dBm. What does it mean? And what if the clock input is a square wave with the amplitude of 4.5Vpp?


Thanks very much!
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