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the phase noise about HMC983

Question asked by Bebetter on Aug 31, 2016
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We test the phase noise of the hmc983 output by E5052B(KEYSIGHT),


1: The input frequency of HMC983 is 6GHz,and the output frequency is 90MHz to 100MHz, step is about 1KHz


2: The hmc983 is in the FRAC mode.


3: The input 6GHz of HMC983 is good enough. It's phase noise minus the 20logN is smaller than the real output.


The test result comfuse me. The phase noise of the ouput frequency(90MHz~100MHz) is not linearity. The frequency between 90MHz to 96.09333MHz become worse gradually. But the frquency between 96.09333 to 100MHz become better gradually.i am not sure does this correct ?


look forward for your reply.