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Linux Add-in for CCES on Windows?

Question asked by DiGi on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by daveG

I'm interested in running Linux on the A5 core of the ADSP SC-589.  However, our current development host is a Windows based.  Right now ADI's SC-58x Linux add-in is only distributed as a .deb file, and says it requires the Ubuntu operating system.


Is there way to get the add-in to work on a Windows installation of CCES?  If not, is there a plan to add support for this?


As I understand it, the Linux distribution of CCES doesn't support development for the SHARC+ cores, so with the current software available we would have to have both Windows and Linux machines to be able to use Linux on the A5 core and still run code on the SHARC+ cores.