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ADSP-21065L SPORT0 Receive Interrupt

Question asked by GeorgeM on Aug 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by jeyanthi.jegadeesan

Hallo everyone!

I am dealing with a weird problem of NOT occuring a receive interrupt of SPORT0 in the ADSP-21065L.

My application is based on the given example code of the FIR filter (if anyone is aware of it), provided in the analog devices site.

I have attached in the existing .asm files 2 additional files, one of initializing SPORT0 registers and the other of the SPORT0

receive ISR.

Global interrupts and SPR0I interrupt are enabled so the same applies for the specific interrupt vector in the ISR table.

My code supposes to receive a 8-bit word from the SPI module of an AVR microcontroller and shows it to EZ kit Lite leds.

The ISR has been modified in order to light up the leds (not necesserily the received word) just to ensure that the routine has been served so that the interrupt has occured earlier.

Settings of the DSP implies in standard mode of transmition and I have also been aware of the EE-6 and EE-74, altering my programm to meet SPORT startup issues, but unfortunately nothing happens, since the DSP never comes out of the endless loop to execute my ISR.

Providing this piece of information could anyone please help and tell me if I am doing something wrong or guess if anything is missing from my program?

Thanks in advance

George Maragkakis