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Quadrature Tracking and RF DC Tracking Settling Time

Question asked by look4terry on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Vinod

We are using the AD9361 on our own custom board.  We are using the No Os driver to control the board.  We use manual gain control so we know what the gain is.  We are trying to change the frequency and gain quickly and see that quadrature and DC tracking is slow.  We try to over come this by using these steps:

  1. Change to the frequency and gain setting to what we want.  We check to make sure over range bits are not set.
  2. Turn tracking on and wait.  200 ms seems to work a lot of the time.  Sometimes more time is needed and sometimes it does not seem to find correction values that remove the IQ imbalance.
  3. We save the correction values from the part for future using of this frequency and gain setting.
  4. Turn off quadrature tracking.
  5. We collect our data.


When we turn to a new frequency and gain value we follow these steps:

  1. Change to the frequency and gain settings.
  2. Retrieve the phase and gain correction values and send them to the part, then force the registers.
  3. Wait 2 ms for DC tracking to settle.
  4. Collect the data.


Is there something else I should be doing?