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AD9361 AGC

Question asked by sh5364 Employee on Aug 31, 2016
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 we cannot translate and do not know how to convert the levels seen by FFT to dBFs in matlab.


  1. dBFS setting2-in to ADC in gain mapping
    1. Gain state
    2. Gain level


For instance if we inject a certain level and AGC is on how do we normalize back the levels seen on matlab to input power level .


How do we  normalize it back? how do we evaluate gain?  Where is the gain mapping and registers defining this  i.e. input level, gain state and gain value.


So far we have no mean to validate the FFT level and gain level

This is a simple RSSI and AGC mapping we need to have from your HW/SW explanation 

  . and we do not find

 can you please help