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Question asked by benybiles on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by benybiles

Hi, does anyone know if the an incorect external clock ( 24.576mhz ) can stop the adau1446 from responding to a start condition on I2C? I have am adau1446 with 1.8v on DVDD and 3.3v to other power pins but cannot get a responce ffrom I2C. I have the PLL pins 0,1,2 set to 8x for 24.576mhz and I am making reset go high after a delay to allow clocks to settle. Basically i'm just trying to see if the chip is blown or not , so should I get an I2C response without a clock ? I'm asuming the core has not started since I have'nt been able to start it though register settings ! I have selfboot connected to GND so hopfuly the IC is in slave mode and ready to accept I2C start condition. is there something obvois I am missing here? The I2C address should be normal 7bit with 8th bit r/w... running out of ideas, maybe I blew the chip? anyway good way to find out ?