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ADSP-SC589 DDR3 size

Question asked by roneng on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by roneng

I have a custom board with SC589 processor. 

On board I have a DDR3 memory of size = 4Gb.

I created a custom pre-load project (copy of sc589 preload project that comes with cross-core) and changed the DMC0/DMC1 configuration parameter DDR_SIZE to 4G.

I tried the custom preload program. The preload executes with no errors but the DDR is not functioning properly and the ARM core project cannot be executed from the DDR3 memory.

I also tried to run the SHARC core1 DDR test program (from POST project) and it fails.


Which parameters in the DMC controller I need to change to support my DDR3 chip except for the DDR_SIZE?


The DDR3 chip I am using is ISSI IS43TR16256AL-125KBL,