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AD9371 evaluation sofware demonstration mode

Question asked by fredCY on Aug 30, 2016
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     I had installed the AD9371 evaluation software in the PC and would like to use the demonstration mode first before getting the hardware kit. But it shows few functions can be used in the "dinconnected mode". (like attached file of

     From "AD9371-User-Guide-UG-992.pdf" page251 description as the following, i suppose the demonstraion mode still has some configurations  setting just like the attached file of "AD9371_demonstration_mode.png"


     In the case when evaluation hardware is not connected, the user can still use the software in demonstration mode by following these steps: 1. Click Connect (top left corner, see Figure 161). 2.

The Zynq board is disconnected message appears; click OK. After clicking OK, the software enters demonstration mode in which a subset of all features is displayed.