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What is the correct relation to use in converting AD7190 Data to Vin?

Question asked by bhawk on Aug 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2011 by MaryMc

Page 11 of shows a relation between converter Data and Vin, offset and full-scale register calibration values, along with various constants.


I am using an AD7190 converter configured as MODE=0x180260 and CONFIGURATION=0x000217 and am doing an internal calibration for offset and full-scale before beginning sampling, getting values, for example, of OFFSET=0x800058 and FULLSCALE=0x557348.


My question: in order to calculate actual Vin (differential voltage across a bridge circuit), should I solve the expression on page 11 of the FAQ for Vin and use my measured OFFSET and FULLSCALE values in that?


Thanks in advance.