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ADuC7022 Programming question

Question asked by Kevin1102 on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by ABuda

Could you support to solve the program issue?

We try to program ADuC7022 , used IC adaptor and made reference circuit circuit board ADuc7020 development tool  for programming tool  as circuit Annex1, the connecting PC UART Port execution ARMWSD software, (select PART, COM Port & command and burn .hex file) sequentially pressing download sw then press and hold and then release the reset sw download sw once seen by the progress in the implementation on the monitor (judged UART transmission circuit should be OK), after the completion of the first Erasing 103 Pages.

That error message appears when you continue to do the download operation "Annex2" shown.

ps. Similarly Recorder to program ADuC7026 at development board, completely OK Program & Verify Jieke finish