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Question asked by mathias2286 on Aug 29, 2016
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Hi, im working on a meter based on a ade7753 with the stm32f4 discovery, I got some problems reading the registers VRMS and IRMS, I'm using a shunt resistor as a transducer, which its value is 200u ohm, 80A, So in channel 1 I have 80*200u *sqrt(2)= 22.6mV peak, in channel 2 I got 0.3v peak, so what i did was to write on the gain register, GAIN=000000100, then write on mode register MODE=0000000010001100, then i connected a load (a 40w lamp) but the VRMS and IRMS registers variate too much. What would be the correct or expected value in the VRMS and IRMS register in this conditions? Thank you very much!