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Question asked by garson on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by ljakahi
Hello. I am doing a project about testing the 60GHz horn antenna performance. From the your company's website, there are 60 GHz MillimeterWave Transmitter (HMC6300) and 60 GHz MillimeterWave Receiver (HMC6301) maybe useful for my project. Before I purchase, I have few question for there produces.
1. In my project, I need to use the transmitter which is connected with PC and antenna to send the message, picture and video to the receiver. What is more I need a receiver connected with PC to receive the signal sent by transmitter and test the transmission performance of the antenna through software in PC. So I am wondering the HMC6300 and HMC6310 can support this test?
2. Compare with HMC6300 and HMC6301 what is the features of EVHMC6300BG46 and EVHMC6301BG46 (Evaluation Board)?
3.  What software will be used to connect with transmitter/receiver and test the antenna's transmission performance? Can this software support sending text message, photo and video?
4. What type of connector will be used to connect between the transmitter board and horn antenna?
Thank you very much.