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Can not stop ARM device

Question asked by naga on Aug 12, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2011 by naga

We started working with your ADuc7039 evalution board , We  successfully
flashed and able ro measure voltage current and  Temperature.
But yesterday  while Debuging I came through the
error.  "***Jlink warning:No Matching Core found."
I  attached the error image File  and the code which i have written.


the problem started when i  changed
POWKEY0 = 0x1;    // Put all peripherals, PLL and Core  Asleep
POWCON = 0x00000098;
POWKEY1 = 0xf4;




POWKEY0 =  0x1;    // Put all peripherals, PLL and Core Asleep
POWCON =  0x00;
POWKEY1 = 0xf4;


Please sugest how to come out of this  problem.


With Regard