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ADV7610 audio issue

Question asked by kj.liu on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by mattp

Hi Sir,


     Recently, our product met a particular audio issue , we have used ADV7610 EVB to double check and found the problem is still there, it mean it's not only our board problem but also happen in EVB ,the problem is as below,


    in other source , the ADV7610 is working fine and the problem is only happen in Sagemcom CS5001(DVD player) until now.We found out the audio is always been mute and no audio out, after checking the register , we found out the register bit 6 of 0x65 (I/O address) always shown our audio is muted. 


    Because of this, we tried the different register related with audio in ADV7610 EVB and found out the bit 2 of 0x14(HDMI) can make the audio working fine. this address doesn't have explain in software manual and could you tell us what is it meaning and is it any problem if we used this method to solve the problem ?  


    The register is attached and the file shown sony is work well and another's audio is muted.