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HMC835 HiK charge pump Mode

Question asked by sss on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by dyoung1

Hi all,


I have checked the following thread.
HiK charge pump Mode of HMC835LP6GE

HiK charge pump Mode of HMC835LP6GE 


But I am confused whether the combination of int/ext VCO and active/passive filter,
for using the HiK charge pump Mode .


"Instead it switches the CP pin between ground and VDD."
From "Figure 42. Charge Pump Gain & Offset Control", I can not understand how this works.


Please let me know if my understanding is correct following.

int VCO and active/passive filter, normal Mode >>> OK
ext VCO and active filter, HiK Mode >>> OK
int VCO and active/passive filter, HiK Mode >>> ? If not recommended, why ?
ext VCO and passive filter, HiK Mode >>> Not recommend


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