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Ethernet Frame support in AD9361

Question asked by bob2oneil on Aug 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by larsc

We intend to develop a generic Linux network type device driver using the AD9361 software definable transceiver.  The input and output to the Linux device drivers to the Linux stack uses skbuffs, which is essentially a full Ethernet frame provided as a char buffer point and length as well as Ethernet header information.  Information from the Linux stack to be transmitted are valid Ethernet frames, and content received by the transceiver need to be constituted into Ethernet frames.  It appears that the AD9361 device and supporting ADC/DAC conversion drivers are stream rather than Ethernet frame oriented.  Before we reinvent the wheel in terms of accepting and reconstituting Ethernet frames using the AD9361, has there been an open source or ADI provided examples that address this issue?